Wonder Women


Rebecca Katsaris was born in Athens and until the age of five lived in the Arab Emirates. Even though she spent most of her life in Cyprus, her curiosity for diversity drove her to live in various places such as Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. She studied Preschool Education and Psychology at the University of Cyprus and has a Master of Research degree in Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Cultural Studies from the University of Birkbeck in London, United Kingdom. Rebecca has worked in public and private schools, and has designed and facilitated various educational programs for galleries, museums, festivals and libraries, something which gave her the opportunity to meet and work alongside dancers, healers, shamans, farmers, musicians, painters, poets and storytellers. She is the founder of Trofí which is dedicated to Pedagogy of Diversity and offers seminars and workshops which their main focus is to enhance self-love, acceptance of the other and to cultivate a collaborative spirit between young people and families. The main focus of her workshops is music, art and creativity, physical expression, literature and nutrition. Let’s meet Rebecca from a different point of view:

  1. I am passionate with…music, stones, seeds and the people I love.
  2. I believe in…love and good-hearted people.
  3. I laugh at …good jokes.
  4. I cry for…big and small things, especially when I have the need to release emotional tension.
  5. I detest…hypocrisy. 
  6. I adore…spending time with my loved ones.
  7. My greatest fear is…to loose hope.
  8. My dream is…to live and create in my home island Cyprus. 
  9. My worst scenario is…I do not wish to think about it.
  10. My best quality is…bringing people together.
Currently Rebecca is living in Bogotá, Colombia where she facilitates workshops in various cultural spaces such, museums, libraries and universities for young children and families. In Colombia, Rebecca also dedicates a lot of her time on working on cultural exchange programs between Cyprus, Greece, United Kingdom, Ecuador, Peru and Colombia. As well Rebecca is fascinated with stones, creating alternative jewellery. If you wish to contact Rebecca and get informed about her work follow her on Instagram and Facebook Trofi page.