Wonder Women


Eleni Irakleous is a talented and passionate musician. She has been living and working in Berlin for the last ten years. She studied classical piano and music education, and she recently graduated from a Master degree based on singing with children. “I am a musician, a pianist, a singer and a children’s choir conductor. I love my field because it allows me to change roles, scenes and work with a lot of people”. In the last few months Eleni has performed on stage in three different countries with the junior choir of the Berlin as the constructor, with the symphonic orchestra in Berlin as a pianist, and as a singer at a chamber choir. Performing her own songs is the most personal aspect of her work. As a solo artist she gets to share with her audience her stories and experiences. Eleni is currently recording her first EP album. Lets meet Eleni in 10 personal questions:

  1. I am passionate with…my work!
  2. I believe in…love and the change small actions can bring.
  3. I laugh at …myself for stupid thoughts when they no longer matter.
  4. I cry…when I am emotionally stressed.
  5. I detest…ignorance in every level.
  6. I adore…my family.
  7. My greatest fear is…me actually knowing the answer to this question.
  8. My dream is…a more balanced universe.
  9. My worst scenario is… bad weather, delayed trains, cancelled flights, and getting late and stressed to work.
  10. My best quality is…coming up with new, creative ideas in a short time.
You can follow her work and news on her Facebook and Instagram pages.