Wonder Women


Natalia Markou is the founder of The Art Cocoon, an online contemporary art gallery in Dubai, UAE, with a mission to promote upcoming and mid-career Greek and Cypriot artists. Through, social media, exhibitions, and participations in international art fairs, the gallery exposes the artists’ work, to new international audiences, focusing in the Middle East region. She previously worked as a Senior IT Analyst at international companies in the industries of banking systems and telecommunications, traveling around the world for her companies’ projects. After her decision to make a career change, she worked independently as an Interior Designer, on residential projects, before moving with her family to Dubai in 2010. Her passion for art was combined with her experience in computer science to create an online platform to present and promote artists from her home country. Her gallery, The Art Cocoon, realized in 2015 where she presented a first selection of six artists from Cyprus. The gallery’s latest participation at World Art Dubai art fair in 2017, was awarded in the category of Best Regional Art Gallery. Natalia received her B.A. in Computer Science from Athens University of Economics and Business, a Diploma in Interior Design from Frederik University, and Curating Contemporary Art Course from University of the Arts London. In addition, she completed several art related courses on the art markets, combining her experience from the corporate world she helps artists move to the next level of their career. Natalia is a woman filled with passion and dedication to what she does. Her advice to all the women trying to achieve their goals is “Don’t let anyone discourage you from moving forward with your dreams. Stay positive and confident in your abilities. Everything is possible when you do what you love”. Lets meet her:

  1. I am passionate with… art and learning new things.
  2. I believe in…what goes around comes around.
  3. I laugh… when I’m with friends.
  4. I cry for…children abuse.
  5. I despite…fear.
  6. I adore…my family.
  7. My greatest fear is…not doing what I love.
  8. My dream is…to make a difference in the world.
  9. My worst scenario is…I don’t have one.
  10. My best quality is…being open minded.
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