Wonder Women

Elsie Hdjipavli

Elsie was born and raised in Cyprus. As an islander, she has special connection with the sea, that she considers to be a healer in her life. She studied English Literature and Cultural Studies but later followed her instinct to Asia where she studied Holistic Therapies. Over the past few years Elsie expanded her knowledge in aromatherapy, cosmetology and herbalism. She is fascinated with nature and she considers herself a lifelong student of the plants and their abilities. After travelling for about 10 years and living abroad she returned to Cyprus to connect with her roots. During the last few years she developed a great love for her island, through her excitement for nature. “Cyprus’ biodiversity is rich and unique in so many ways, as well as its variety in terrain and climate, and by going deeper into observing nature through each season, I slowly fell in love with my native land”. Elsie has recently move to a village to be closer to nature in every way possible. Her idea of quality time is spending time with her dogs while collecting, experimenting and reading about plants. “I love mushrooms and trees, chocolate and nettles, foot soaks and massages, cooking and eating, planting seeds and watching them grow, laying on mountains and beaches, sharing creative time with friends and with myself, travelling and observing people”. Gaia Olea, her business, was born five years ago, through Elsie’s’ appreciation for nature’s gifts and with the help of her partner Zenonas, in Kalavasos village. Gaia Olea is a project that attempts to make these gifts available to people in the form of simple natural skincare and herbal apothecary products that respect people, animals and the environment. Elsie’s’ love for herbs and her spiritual connection with nature is inspiring in every aspect.  

  1. I am passionate with…plants.
  2. I believe in…humans.
  3. I laugh at …myself.
  4. I cry for…everything.
  5. I detest…nothing.
  6. I adore…my dogs, the sea and nature.
  7. My greatest fear is…being far from my dogs, the sea and nature.
  8. My dream is… to grow and produce all of my food.
  9. My worst scenario is…you don’t want to know!
  10. My best quality is…being able to make a joke out of anything (not everyone agrees).
  You can find all about Gaia Olea products by visiting the website and Instagram page and you can always follow or contact Elsie through her Facebook profile.