Wonder Women


Antria Petrou is a graphic designer and illustrator from Cyprus. She lives and works in London, after her graduation in BA Marketing and Advertising from Leeds Becket University. However, her passion for design and creativity led her to extend her studies in perusing skills and knowledge for graphic design in Shillington College. “As a graphic designer, through my illustrations I found a way to express my personality, style and beliefs”. Atria’s illustrations are inspirited by her love for fashion, the values of feminism, her passion with travelling and everyday life. At the same time Antria is working on her own personal project “B R U N C H I N G”, a denim jackets brand, where her digital illustrations are brought into fashion. Her ultimate goal is to create a powerful international brand with the combination of her two great passions, graphic design and fashion. Antria is a bold young woman who is determined to bring her dreams in reality. “I am intrigued by every new challenge that pushes my boundaries in order to develop myself in every aspect. My ultimate vision for my future is to become a successful woman and artist that will inspire others to.”    

  1. I am passionate with…passionate people.
  2. I believe in…the power that comes from within.
  3. I laugh at …funny videos.
  4. I cry…for two reasons; happiness and anger.
  5. I detest…
  6. I adore…my life.
  7. My greatest fear is…death before success.
  8. My dream is…to experience the world through my own lenses.
  9. My worst scenario is…
  10. My best quality is… transferring vision into reality.
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