Wonder Women


Irene is a very busy and passionate person, who aspires to accomplish many goals in this lifetime. She is a singer and song writer with her new album “Journey out of slumber” recently released. She is the leading singer and co- founder of one of the most popular Jazz bands in Cyprus “Mood Indigo”. Along with her partner, Greg Makamian, they introduced Cyprus music platform to the American song book of Jazz. Irene is also a huge healthy food lover and has a YouTube channel under the name Irene Coco Queen, where she gives free vegan recipes to her viewers. “I hope for a future where humanity will treat animals and our planet with love and respect”. Her beautiful voice in combination with her sensitive soul is what makes her so truly inspiring!  

  1. I am passionate with…inspiring people.
  2. I believe in… the idea that all sentient beings should be treated as equals.
  3. I laugh at…myself!
  4. I cry for…people who do not express their true authentic selves.
  5. I detest…people and companies who exploit the innocent for money.
  6. I adore…my dog and my partner.
  7. My greatest fear is…never knowing who we truly are as a species and if extra-terrestrials exist.
  8. My dream is…to be in a position where I can help others.
  9. My worst scenario is…saying goodbye to the ones I love.
  10. My best quality is…empathy.
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