Ink on thoughts


Free thinking is a privilege one could achieve with constantly searching the variety and perspectives of truth. Following a guided path towards self-developing, either under social standards, religious beliefs or any form of pressure, is highly unlikely to become someone free spirited. The responsibility of taking your own decisions is huge, as it comes with the risk of seeking the reason of a future failure within yourself. Well, flash news, is better to fail for your own choices, than being miserable in never taking the chance of following your intuition. In order to take your own choices though, you have to develop your personality first. You have to know who you are to find what you want. People change. Circumstances change. Older people used to tell us that we will be in their shoes sooner than we think, like they have been once in ours. It happened. And we keep following the steps of their shoes, cause is one-way road. And it’s going fast. So, stop worrying so much and, if you do, stop following other people expectations. Not humanity nor planet hangs by your hands (unless you are Donald or Kim, please reconsider). You can relax and make some mistakes. Better off, enjoy them! We have the privilege of countless opportunities and the power of unlimited knowledge nowadays. Even choosing a sexual orientation might need some thinking. Be who you want to be (just don’t be a hater, a racist or a rapist). “The good life is one inspired by love and guided by knowledge. Neither love without knowledge, nor knowledge without love can produce a good life”  – Bertrand Russell