Ink on thoughts


Dreams. Growing up we all have them. I like to think of dreams as the rainbow of the brain. Where magic begins. Where amazing things happen. We all had that escape corner where we let our fantasy to create free during our childhood, some of us kept it alive through time.   In dreaming there is no limit, no rules or structure. While dreaming your spirit is free. One has to be able to distinguish imagination from reality though. Dreaming of a future life is a privilege, but it can easily become a curse when expecting life to follow a certain path. Our generation, going now towards thirty, somehow lost reality between the colours of imagination. Somewhere between dreaming and living, we let ourselves sailing in the sea of our own high expectations.   It’s not an easy thing to take those kids from the “Neverland”, where growing up was never an issue, and throw them suddenly into thirties, where statistically you have great chances to have reached your middle life line. It’s stressful and mind-blowing thinking about all the things you were expected to achieve by now, all the success you were meant to reach…and oh the crisis you were left in.   We definitely are not experiencing the life we were promised. Having a full time job behind a desk and a computer was the path to success at some point. Not today though. Today you are probably being used, working many hours’ unpaid overtime, your knowledge and all the money you have invested in studying are not even respected in many cases.   So here you are, between taking some of the most important decisions in your life and accepting the fact that most of the times what you thing should happen is not going to. On the contrary life is a path full of surprises. Never stop following your dreams, but don’t let your dreams to drown you.   P.S. All the posts are about personal experiences and opinions. P.S. II Karoshi – in Japanese means worked to death. Don’t do it, is not worth it!