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Sky Blue

Painting is a sacred process for me. From building the frame, to placing the canvas, until the last brush stroke and the fulfilling moment of signing the completed work.  For this I have found myself and work to be more affiliated with the values of Abstract Expressionism, specifically the connection between the artists and the work. I am mostly fascinated by the technique of “Action Painting”, where the painter is recognized as part of the process, thus painting automatically becomes a performance that is translated on the canvas surface, and is as important as the result. I start a painting inspired by Frankenthaler, pouring ink and water on the canvas surface. Through that procedure the ink creates playfully forms. After, I focus on the forms I want to keep, the subject and the concept behind my project. I use mixed media to create the textures I desire. In the final stage I paint with oils, adding volume and structure to the surface. Though my work I desire to open a dialogue with the viewer, to create and open-ended debate and travel with my brush strokes inside the viewers imagination and subconscious. At the same time, I desire to keep alive the presence of the materials I used, playing between the illusion of the image created and being aware of the whole procedure of painting. “Sky Blue” is a painting that was created to celebrate diversity. Going through a period of a universal substantial reclassification in political, economic and social level, the presence of art as a form of illustration to the complexity of situation is fundamental. “Sky Blue” is dedicated to the idea of aura. The ultimate purpose of the painting is to stand against racism, which is a timeless problem in the formation of modern society. A human being is constructed with much more than what can be received from a glimpse. The environment one exists, the surroundings and the confrontation one has, can reflect to the person one becomes. The title, “Sky Blue”, has clear reference to the concept that all humanity shares the same sky, therefore no one should be considered as inferior. The abstract painting of a man’s portrait is giving the sense of looking inside the view. Diversity is what makes humanity so beautiful and interesting, thus should be celebrated. Fear is a dangerous path.   Vote for “Sky Blue” at Ashurst Emerging Artists Prize 2018 on Instagram and Facebook.