Art World

SELF-CREATION through art

Art is not only a field, is a path. A path towards self-discovery and growth. As a twelve-year-old, quite active kid you could say, I had to go through a painful surgery that placed me on a wheel chair for three months. Between boredom and frustration, I discovered my passion with painting. Since then it has been the mean to express my feelings and thoughts. This could have been the reason I found action painting and expressionism to be the most influential techniques in my work. Art in society, especially where I come from, is considered as a luxury item. This might be one of the biggest issues on establishing a developed contemporary culture, with all the possibilities that holds within it.  Creativity should not be received as a given talent, but a skill that anyone could achieve. As an art tutor, I came to the conclusion that children grow into more independent adults through art, as they learn to create opportunities, instead of expecting to find them on their way. Between artistic experimentations one can learn how to think outside the box, build character and his own unique personality, against the formation of society. Therefore, no matter how old you are or what were your choices and chances in life, seek the opportunity to become more creative, to open your eyes and see colours, to open your mind and receive light. Art, and especially painting, has most definitely change my life. Not so much in becoming someone, but more likely in being someone. We all look to find happiness in life from our own perspective and experiences. However, the greatest achievement one can accomplish, in my belief, is self-discovery. Welcome on board. KS