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Wonder Women
Annie is an interesting and expressive person, just like her painting. She studied science in Manchester University and then became a Credit Analyst in Merchant Banking in the city of London. Even though Annie had a promising career, her passion with painting drew her to change path. “I decided my life would have more meaning by becoming a full time artist, so I did just that.” She is the founder of “The Magma Group” with international expressionist artists based in London UK The artist has exhibited in London, New York, Paris, Athens and Arizona and been selected for the Liverpool Biennial (2010 and 2016) and the European Capital of Culture Festival (2008). She appeared in a number of published books on Stuckism, and in November 2016 her satirical painting of Prince Charles was featured in an article in The Londoner’s Diary of the Evening Standard . Annie is an inspiring passionate woman, a fighter and a dreamer. Lets meet Annie:
  1. I am passionate with…my life.
  2. I believe in…freedom.
  3. I laugh at…how we often behave.
  4. I cry for…those who are suffering.
  5. I detest…narrow mindedness.
  6. I adore…wild men.
  7. My greatest fear is…losing the gift of sight.
  8. My dream is…happiness for all.
  9. My worst scenario is…not being able to paint.
  10. My best quality is…enterprise.